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Appointments for a private pet photo shoot can be made to take place at your home, the Le Puparazzi Studio, which will be located in Nashville, Tennessee in the summer of 2018, or any outdoor venue you may desire within a 30 mile radius (travel fees incur over 30 miles.)  Wherever the location may be will make a difference in the look and feel of your photographs.


A studio photograph may include any number of backdrops or props I may incorporate into the shot per your request. You may want a more organic look set outdoors where the landscape can add to the natural feel of the photograph. Le Puparazzi does offer a combo studio/outdoor session also. When your session is booked we can discuss these requests at more length.


Studio sessions can be made almost any time depending on availability. Sessions at your home or outdoor venues will be made for early morning or late afternoon.

Only your pet or pets will be included in a session. Other pets that reside outside your household will be charged a separate session fee. I want everyone to have equal time during a shoot.


You may even want to include yourself in your pets photograph, but only if you can sit & stay! Why not have photographs with your pet; they are your family too! Up to two family members may join in complementary, three or more will be charged per person.


If you have a terminally ill pet, or one ready to cross that beautiful Rainbow Bridge, please call, we will accomodate you in our schedule as soon as possible.


Can't think of a gift for the pet lover, a Le Puparazzi Gift Certificate is the answer! They will be so surprized when they open the boutique packaged gift certificate for their pet.





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