Thursday, August 21, 2014

I normally don't post this many photos, but couldn't help myself with my little guy.  3 years ago I found this tiny little kitten in a hollowed out tree trunk in my backyard.  Having no idea how he got there with a 6 foot secure fence around was a mystery.  Everytime I approached him, he would run under some wood & I couldn't get him, I tried almost everything.  Exhausted with trying to get him for a few hours, I knew he was going to starve or drown from rains that were coming in.  I called Melissa from Pookies & she quickly brought down a trap, that would have worked if he weighed enough to set it off, but he didn't, he was merely about 3 to 4 weeks old.  So, I knew that trap door had to pulled down by us.  We attached fishing line to the door of the trap, went inside, fishing line in hand & waited.  It didn't take long, around 10 minutes & he smelled the milk & walked into the trap, pulled the line & closed the door.  He fit in the palm of my hand, & I fed him every 3 hours around the clock with kitten milk & a little bottle.  Within 2 weeks, he flourished, playing & running around his private room I had set up for him & he even was strong enough then to hold the bottle on his own, but of course I still had him lay in the crook of my arm.  With every intention of trying to get a ...

Happy 4th of July!
Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Everyone loves to put something on their pet to celebrate the 4th of July, it's a celebration, so why not them celebrate too?  Violet will wear these things all day, well, she is a girl & bling does make her feel pretty!  Unlike us, pets are usually scared on the 4th of July & more pets are lost that day than any other day of the year.  You can make sure your pets are safe when you think about just a few things:Make sure they have their collars & tags on with I.D. & their microchip is up to date.If they are shaken by loud noises, put them in their crate or in a room that they feel secure.  Turning on a radio or tv will muffle the sound of fireworks also.  If there's a window in the room, make sure the blinds are closed, so they don't see the flashes of light.  When having guest over, make sure pets are not near the door, if they hear a loud firework, they might just bolt.  Put a few drops of Lavender Oil or Bach Flower on cotton balls & place around your home, out of the pets reach of course.Thundershirts or aromatherapy collars can also be calming during fireworks or thunderstorms.  Lastly, our pets feed off of our energy, if we're calm, they're more than likely going to follow our lead.  We all want to cuddle with them when they are scared, but that doesn't help them either, just reassure them & try an idea ...